Single implants are capable of replacing a missing tooth and providing the same functionality.  Multiple implants can be used as a bridge to replace missing teeth or to support an existing denture. 

New techniques and materials have made implant dentistry more comfortable and predictable.

Because implants require healthy bone, grafting may be required in situations in which the existing tissue is inadequate.

We place implants in a predictable two stage process.  Stage 1 involves the actual implant placement and allows time for the bone healing to occur.  Stage 2 involves the uncovering of the healed implant and fabrication of the permanent crown.

Q: How long is the healing time once the implant screw is placed?
A: Typically, the implant has healed/integrated within 2 months from placement.

Q: How long is the procedure?
A: Straightforward cases usually take 1-2 hours. 

Q: Any possible complications?
A: In a small percentage of cases, the implant fails to properly integrate with the bone tissue.  In these situations the implant is removed, grafting is placed, and the procedure can be repeated when the bone graft has healed.

Q: What factors would make someone a poor candidate for implant treatment?
A: Safety comes first, so a thorough medical history evaluation will need to be done in order to identify any conditions that may compromise a patient's well-being.  Other factors include the amount of bone available, presence of infection, available space for the implant, and condition of surrounding teeth & structures. 

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Implant bridge restored at our office.  This case would have necessitated
either four individual implants, or two implants joined by a 4-unit bridge. 

Single tooth implants replacing first molar & second bicuspid.  A long span
bridge was not a good option due to the stress that would have been placed
on the retainer teeth. 

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