Implant Case #4

tooth extraction socket
Our patient presented to the office with a badly infected upper right molar #3.  It was decided to extract the tooth, clean out the infected tissue and place bone grafting material to make the healing process more predictable.  The x-ray above shows the socket after tooth #3 was removed.

bone graft tooth socket
This x-ray shows complete healing and excellent bone regeneration after 3 months.  The site is ready for implant placement.

dental implant surgery
Implant pilot drill in place to verify position and angulation of implant placement. 

dental implant molar tooth
Radiograph of implant placement and cover screw.  A 9mm implant length was chosen to avoid the sinus.  After 2 months of bone integration, the implant will be uncovered and restored.

dental implant crown
Bitewing x-ray of completed implant case with PFM(porcelain fused to metal) crown.

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