Implant Case #3

tooth #12 missing dental implant planning
Pre-operative radiograph showing missing bicuspid #12, large silver restoration #13, and missing molars #14 & 15.  Radiograph also shows low sinus floor

tooth #12 implant surgery
Post-operative radiograph showing implant body placement at tooth #12 site.  A narrow diameter implant was chosen based on the dimensions of existing bone.

dental implant #12 cover screw
After the initial healing period, approx. 2-3 months, the implant body was re-evaluated.  At that time the implant was exposed to the oral cavity in order to begin the final restorative phase.

dental implant #12 with abutment   crown
Final radiograph showing the implant body with PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crown in place.

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