Full Mouth Reconstruct

Our patient presented to the office with an objective to repair several broken
teeth and improve the overall esthetics of his smile. 

Clinical examination revealed several broken & missing teeth on the left side

Examination on the right side also revealed broken & missing teeth

After preliminary impressions were taken, a waxing was completed to better
visualize the treatment goals.  Our treatment objectives for this case were
to restore function and create a visually pleasing outcome in the process.

Crowns for upper & lower teeth delivered.  Our patient was very excited
about his new smile!

All smiles. 

This treatment plan includes:
-Extraction of non restorable teeth
-Root canals to salvage teeth with deep decay and potential for infection
-Porcelain crowns to replace broken and worn tooth structure
-Implants, lower right quadrant where a traditional bridge would not be practical
-Bridge, lower left quadrant
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